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The Dylan


Transit oriented development is a core planning principle and a pillar for the sustainable growth of our cities. The Dylan, located at the southwest corner of Glencairn Avenue and Marlee Avenue, will be delivering an exciting mid-rise, mixed-use intensification project that is only steps away from the Glencairn Subway station.

The development will be 10-storeys and includes 218 residential suites and 362 square metres of ground-floor retail space to energize the community with its progressive design and prominent streetscape elements. Weston worked alongside a dynamic team to deliver a development that implements good land use planning and design principles. We advanced the development through the planning process by working closely with City Staff and engaging public consultation strategies to satisfy resident concerns and to deliver positive contributions to the community.

Weston Consulting submitted an application for a Zoning By-Law Amendment, which was approved, and a Site Plan Approval application.

Project Type

Mid-Rise Mixed-Use Development


Mid-Rise Mixed-Use Development
Zoning By-law Amendment
Site Plan Approval
Public Consultation
Land Use Planning


Chestnut Hill


831, 833 and 837 Glencairn Avenue and 278, 280 and 282 Hillmount Avenue, Toronto




Notice of Approval Conditions

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Kirkor Architects