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Planning and
Urban Design

We are one of the largest and most experienced planning and urban design firms in Canada. Since 1981, we have helped transform urban, regional and rural spaces with strategic and practical thinking.

Large or small, the same attention to detail and innovation goes into every project that Weston Consulting undertakes. Whether the goal is to create a master plan for a municipality, provide effective urban design, strategize ways to enhance land value or take a client through the steps necessary to bring a site to the development stage. We offer thorough knowledge of the planning process, government policy and regulations, as well as development industry trends.

Urban design is a fundamental characteristic of modern city building. It ensures that the design of physical space is integrated and comprehensive, reflecting and invigorating vibrant neighbourhood contexts. At Weston Consulting, our core values advocate for excellence in placemaking to help deliver the vision of the client. Based on the needs of the client, our design team conduct site specific analysis using a range of contemporary tools to reach detailed design recommendations. We lead projects at a variety of scales, maintaining a balanced approach to public and private interests. The following provides an overview of our principal urban design services.

Strategy is
the foundation
of success.