Weston Consulting is a well recognized and experienced planning and urban design firm headquartered in the cities of Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario. For over 40 years, since it’s founding in 1981, the firm has been instrumental in transforming urban, suburban, and rural spaces through thoughtful, creative, and practical design and planning.

At Weston Consulting, our core values ensure excellence in placemaking and policy to deliver the vision of the client. Taking into account the objectives of each project, our team conducts site specific analysis using a range of contemporary tools to conceptualize, configure and effectively communicate the optimal planning and design direction. We lead and participate in a wide variety of project types, and ultimately seek to achieve client objectives through a balanced approach while recognizing the public interest.

Each project, large or small, is thoroughly and strategically considered in terms of how it will improve the built form for the existing and emerging context of any given area. At Weston Consulting, we have undertaken well over 10,000 projects of various scales, from large master plans, block plans, avenue studies and municipality wide strategies, to individual buildings and residences. In all cases, each detail is carefully considered and tailored toward the appropriate achievement of each client’s objective.

Our talented, skilled, and diverse team of professionals offer a thorough understanding of the planning approval process, government policy and regulations, as well as development industry trends. Our team understands how to best add value to real estate holdings through tailored design excellence and planning approvals.

The firm’s growing planning and urban design functions work collaboratively to recognize and consider the various characteristics of modern city building. Our approach ensures that the design of physical space is integrated and comprehensively developed to invigorate vibrant neighbourhood contexts.

The provision of planning and urban design services right across Ontario, as well as other parts of Canada and North America, are a testament to our recognized industry reputation along with an appreciation and understanding of future directions, and specifically a willingness to embrace an exciting vision of the future.




Creating sustainable communities together through resilient and engaging solutions.




Integrity: Culture of Integrity, Professionalism and Trust 

Integrity is the foundation for successful workplace relationships because you can trust the actions taken by others and be confident in receiving full support at all levels for actions taken. We are committed to providing a constructive company culture of integrity, professionalism and trust by demonstrating good moral judgement and character, honesty and leading by example to do the “Right Thing”. We all individually show integrity in the workplace by not only understanding right from wrong but also practicing it in all we do.


Team Work: Working Together in a Structure of Accountability, Results and Reward

We do our best when we can deliver client services that leverage the talent and experience with a collaborative culture across our teams. We reach out to team members for help and provide help when needed. Team members are expected to make good decisions in every circumstance. We are all not only responsible for our actions, behaviours, performance and decisions but we also willingly accept responsibility for those actions. Employees should hold managers accountable just as managers hold employees accountable, in a culture that identifies with accountability, results
and shared rewards.


Develop: Recruit, Develop and Support the Best Talent

We are dedicated to recruiting and developing the very best talent for a position, ensuring a person’s strengths, unique abilities and interests match the role’s responsibilities and expectations, which will drive quality in both our processes, services and products. We are committed to working with employees who demonstrate alignment with our values and culture to help them grow, learn and achieve personal success by providing opportunities for advancement. We will work with all employees to provide new and challenging work assignments, acknowledge and recognize improvements, support, coach and mentor the development of everyone and promote learning and professional growth. We view mistakes as opportunities for learning and we demonstrate genuine concern for each other. We are an inclusive workplace where everyone is respected and valued regardless of their background, ensuring a positive experience, supporting the needs, concerns and feelings of others.


Engagement: Giving Back to the Community, the Industry and the Planet

We actively seek ways to engage with the community, working collaboratively with and through groups that share our values, address issues affecting the well-being of those people and volunteer our time and resources to help those less fortunate. We acknowledge the role and responsibility of industry-leading planning firms to develop and improve the profession overall. Engaging ourselves to take the lead in maintaining standards and representing the industry in discussions with other bodies, and developing new talent through active student recruitment and mentoring programs. We believe sustainability is a priority in both our actions and in our planning solutions for our clients. Engaging our resources and influence to ensure the needs of the present, but without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


Client-Focus: Client Value and Management

Central to our planning and design services is a culture that promotes client focus, with value and quality as defined by the customer, within the realm
of responsible and professional planning. Understanding the needs and expectations of our clients, and developing long-term relationships built on
mutual trust and shared values is the key to our success, with our desire to provide value and the highest quality work while being competitively rewarded financially and ensuring timely payment for services. We exist to solve our client’s needs with creative, helpful and innovative solutions, and companies that do so, thrive and grow. While always ensuring that we maintain our integrity, we also endeavour to see through our customers’ eyes and evaluate our performance based on how they evaluate us, which guides us in providing recommendations that are aligned with both our professional obligations and our clients’ needs. This focus will drive our business success.