Weston Consulting is a well recognized and experienced planning and urban design firm headquartered in the cities of Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario. For over 40 years, since it’s founding in 1981, the firm has been instrumental in transforming urban, suburban, and rural spaces through thoughtful, creative, and practical design and planning.
At Weston Consulting, our core values ensure excellence in placemaking and policy to deliver the vision of the client. Taking into account the objectives of each project, our team conducts site specific analysis using a range of contemporary tools to conceptualize, configure and effectively communicate the optimal planning and design direction. We lead and participate in a wide variety of project types, and ultimately seek to achieve client objectives through a balanced approach while recognizing the public interest.

Each project, large or small, is thoroughly and strategically considered in terms of how it will improve the built form for the existing and emerging context of any given area. At Weston Consulting, we have undertaken well over 10,000 projects of various scales, from large master plans, block plans, avenue studies and municipality wide strategies, to individual buildings and residences. In all cases, each detail is carefully considered and tailored toward the appropriate achievement of each client’s objective.

Our talented, skilled, and diverse team of professionals offer a thorough understanding of the planning approval process, government policy and regulations, as well as development industry trends. Our team understands how to best add value to real estate holdings through tailored design excellence and planning approvals.
The firm’s growing planning and urban design functions work collaboratively to recognize and consider the various characteristics of modern city building. Our approach ensures that the design of physical space is integrated and comprehensively developed to invigorate vibrant neighbourhood contexts.

The provision of planning and urban design services right across Ontario, as well as other parts of Canada and North America, are a testament to our recognized industry reputation along with an appreciation and understanding of future directions, and specifically a willingness to embrace an exciting vision of the future.