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85–95 Dundas Street West & 98 Agnes Street, Mississauga


This compact development is in-keeping with future intensification plans for the corridor of Dundas Street West, encouraging higher densities for the Downtown Cooksville area of Mississauga. The development engages the public realm by reinforcing the street wall and includes additional landscaping and public realm improvements. The proposed development will consist of an 18-storey mixed-use building containing 419 residential units, 285 square metres of ground floor commercial space and 2,072 square metres of amenity space providing for a comprehensive mixed-use development.

The proposal embodies a high standard of architectural expression, contributing to the visual diversity of the local built environment. The proposed building is a podium and tower scheme with a mix of residential unit types. The upper levels of the building taper away from the street wall, integrating multiple step-backs to accommodate rooftop terraces and mitigate the impacts of the massing on the pedestrian realm. Commercial space is orientated towards the front of the building along Dundas Street West. The sidewalk and associated public realm are linked via the south, west and north frontages of the building, forging connections between Dundas Street West and Agnes Street. This transit-oriented development will provide new opportunities to walk, cycle and access transit in this community.

The Dundas Connects Master Plan [2018] proposes a rapid transit bus route, which will pass by the proposed development site providing additional capacity for residents and visitors traveling between Mississauga and Brampton. Additionally, the subject property falls within 500m of a Major Transit Station Area. The high-quality architecture and urban design of the development will assist in the re-urbanization of the area in line with major planned transportation expansions.

Weston Consulting has provided support in Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment applications as well as with the Site Plan Approval process.

Project Type

High-Rise Mixed-Use Development


High-Rise Mixed-Use Development
Official Plan Amendment
Zoning By-Law Amendment
Site Plan Approval
Transit-Oriented Development


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85 – 95 Dundas Street West & 98 Agnes Street, Mississauga




In-progress (Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments Submitted as well as a Resubmission for Site Plan Approval)

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